The Kings are here!

We have open dates so if your looking for some good fishing now is the time. The largest one in the derby for this month is 24.85lb. so with that being said we are going to have some nice hogs this summer! Rates are $100 off the summer prices right now.This deal will only last another week or two. These are all half day am trips.

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March 28, 2019

Fishing was good today. Had a lot of hook ups, wish we could of landed more. Water looks good, and the fish seem to be holding. So I think it should remain good for the next several weeks. If you are interested in hooking in to one of these nice fish give us a call. Its $380 for two people, everything provided and the fish are cleaned and bagged as well.

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Spring is here

We are in the prime right now for river fishing. It’s been really good. Lots of nice sized fish. Going to be in the river for the next month or so. Then onto the Lake. Looking forward to a change of waters. There are still some days open if your interested in a river trip. Here are just a few of the recent river pics . I will be trying to up date this site more often. But you can follow us on FB under Riverside Charters and Taxidermy.


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The Lake fishing is winding down, time to think about pulling the big boat out of the water. Only have a couple more lake trips left. We have been going back and forth from River to Lake. We had a great year in the lake, lots of 30 pound plus fish caught this year. The River fishing is starting out slow, I think the fish are confused on if they are suppose to be in the lake or river. We have had a few good blows and temps all over the board. In the next few weeks it should hopefully straighten out. This year I will be keeping our condo on the river open all winter. So if your looking for a place to stay for fishing or snowmobiling, or skiing it will be avail. We also have two jet boats and also a drift boat, so if you have more than three people in your group we can accommodate you with an extra boat.


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August 3, 2018

fishing is awesome right now! Lots of large Kings! Just yesterday we took in three for mounts all in the 30 lb. range. This is definitely gonna be a good year for the big ones.

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